The story

2012 Caúna Renvest Ltda. buys the farm. We col-lect impres-sions and ex-periences. We create the general plan for Caúna, renova-tion of the 'small farm' near the lake 2013 2014 The cultivation of sugar cane (100 ha) is stopped. We start refores-tation. 2015 More than 100,000 trees grow. First polycultures are created. 2016 The 'salad fo-rests are de-veloping. More than 80 emplo-yees work in the production. 2017 Construction of the industrial hangars (car-pentry, lock-smith's, food processing) 2018 Serious crimi-nal attacks force us to lay off more than 60 employees. 2019 We are plan-ning two new city quarters and three eco-hotels for in-vestors. 2020 The approval processes are dragging on. Corona hits Brazil with full force.

Until five years ago, only sugar cane and coconut palms were grown in Caúna. Today the farm has big production areas for organic food, which are grown in polycultures. In addition, there are local handicrafts and in the future – if circumstances permit – new city quarters, hotels for eco-tourism and a large nature reserve. The core idea is always the combination of different undertakings and activities that protect and develop each other.