Urban development

Air conditioning with transverse ventilation, double roof and adjustable win-dows. House climate control with continuous ventilation, lar-ge roofs and vegetation. Houses with recurring mo-dules in diffe-rent arrange-ments. Soft conversion of a historic villa into office and co-working space. Street plan and decentralized rainwater uti-lization for 2 new city quar-ters. Creation of a wooded green zone with a new lake as retention for rainwater. Creation of areas for local recreation, small-scale production and ecotourism. Water areas for ecotourism, fish farming (Tilápia) and irrigation. Access to the Rio Santo Antô-nio for boat and beach excursions. Leisure terrace with sea view, churrasco, sun, shade and wind.

The Caúna concept also includes ecological buildings and the creation of new habitats. An initial project phase for two new urban quarters with 400 plots for residential and commercial use is ready for implementation. Three more residential areas and three eco-hotels may be added later. They are grouped around agriculture, which in future will be able to feed many people directly from ‘urban organic production’.