Flowers of the farm Unser Pfau Peacocks are symbols of beauty and fi-delity. They do not survive without their partner. Flowers of the farm The track of the Jaguati-rica (Ocelot) The beach ve-getation pro-tects the dunes from storms. The falling flo-wers of the Jambre tree form a dense carpet. Crabs on the beach. They are incredibly fast runners. Flowers of the farm Beautiful sna-kes can also be poisonous. The passion flower owes its name to the cross-shaped stamp. Flowers of the farm To protect it-self, the blow-fish can inflate its body. Flowers of the farm Flowers of the farm Buque de Noiva (bride's buque of the farm)

The Atlantic forest, the Mata Atlântica, originally covered large parts of Brazil. It is less high than the rainforest and extremely rich in species, as the light of the sun gets through to the ground. Today, 87% of it is deforested. In Caúna we try to reforest it. More than 100’000 precious wood and Mata trees have already been planted. We are also endeavouring to put the beautiful river course of the adjacent Rio Santo Antônio Grande under sustainable protection.