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Project Management

Set origin and goal, plan carefully . …

Core and heart of management is always the same: separating the unimportant, taking care of the necessary and successfully implementing it. In addition to clarity, sustainability is part of this: making goals and problems understandable, overcoming resistance, taking details seriously. As an experienced manager and manager of projects of all sizes and types, I have matured the ability to show new ways and arouse the courage for new solutions. My customers use them to work with a wide variety of teams, in a wide variety of areas, in a wide variety of locations.

Focus: strategies, business plans, consulting, coaching, change management

… To begin! …

Innovation through inspiration is rather the exception. The targeted use of modern innovation methods, the transfer of functioning solutions and approaches to new areas or the implementation of internally known or externally available solutions are easier. Protecting and cultivating new ideas is at least as important as finding them. Killer phrases and organizational resistance inhibit development, fear of risk and weaknesses in project management undermine their implementation. Helping new solutions to break through is a top priority. I’ll help you with that.

Main focus: market clarifications, feasibility studies, performance audits, licensing

… define services and get them under control …

Turning organizations 90 degrees to move from organizational structure to performance and process-oriented structures creates fears. Transparency makes quality defects visible and endangers property. The breakthrough is only achieved when the majority of those involved speak more of opportunities than problems. As a representative of practice, I helped develop methods for redesigning processes. That is why I can work methodically and practically, but also in terms of IT and business management efficiently in the introduction of new structures.

Focus: process maps, process design, workflows, reorganizations, benchmarking

… Check that the requirement and the result match!

Quality means much more than perfection in technology and design. Trust only arises where the work result repeatedly satisfies the customer’s requirements. And only this makes the price paid seem reasonable. The moment of truth, when the promotion and result do not match, when the customer is not treated with enough respect and understanding, leads to painful crashes. I managed the quality management of a large company and can therefore support you in a targeted and practical manner.

Focus: TQM systems, management tools