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Construction + Design

Doing the right thing …

Construction projects are not child’s play. Lack of overview, economic thinking and construction management lead to wrong solutions and delays. With technical and legal knowledge, good design skills and practical experience, I prepare the foundations with you, simplify constructions, clarify specifications, conduct the necessary negotiations, set up contracts and represent your interests. architects, entrepreneurs and public authorities.

Focus: Property purchase, construction concepts, construction planning, construction tours, works contracts

… Get it right …

Medium and smaller construction projects often lack professional construction management. Clear objectives, tight but flexible timetables, clear agreements with entrepreneurs make services predictable and verifiable. Presence on site and good communication with employees prevent misalignments and quality defects. As a project manager with many years of construction site experience abroad, I can make your construction project efficient and cost-effective.

Focus: Project planning, site management, acceptances

… pay the right price for the service.

Clear orders, budgets and strict effort control on the construction site help to reduce construction costs

to keep a grip on it. Additional services must be negotiated and compensated with a healthy eye. With building knowledge and legal experience, I ensure that your interests are safeguarded and that you pay no more than the reasonable price for the service provided.

Focus: Variant studies, cost-setting measures, budget monitoring