The place

The lower level of Caúna is characterized by water, coco-nut trees and pastures. View from the height to Ca-úna, Rio Santo Antônio, Ilha da Crôa and the Atlantic Ocean The lake with many fishes and birds, in the background old atlantic forests. View to the lo-wer level of the farm with Rio Santo Antônio and Atlantic Ocean. The upper plain of Caúna, in the background the town of Barra de Santo Antô-nio. Caúna is cha-racterized by rolling hills, valleys, man-grove and a wide river. The wavy plan-alto of Caúna with Barra and the peninsula Ilha da Crôa Polycultures differ optically from monono-cultures with sugar cane.


Welcome to Caúna!

The farm Caúna is located in the northeast of Brazil on the Atlantic coast of the state of Alagoas, near the city of Maceiò. Further north is the city of Recife and further south the city of Salvador de Bahia. The name Caúna means in the Indian language Tupi a ‘place of lush green’. The name of the state of Alagoas means ‘near the lagoons’ in Portuguese. Here, rivers, lakes and sea unite to form beautiful nature.